Business plan for technopreneur in malaysia today

Policies based on the old industrial economy especially the ones on low labour costs, better physical infrastructure and tax incentives are outdated and are no longer as relevant in the New Economy. Although Malaysia's industrialization policy is not going to change overnight and manufacturing will continue to play an important role in the economy for the short term, the longer term will see a diminishing role for low margin low tech manufacturing. This role will be usurped by nations such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Malaysia's future lies in the high technology industry and the knowledge economy and this requires a change in mindset among our leaders and policy makers.

Business plan for technopreneur in malaysia today

Numbers, a subject which continues to baffle many non-accountants. The innovative young wunderkind aims to help budding entrepreneurs reduce their time and money spent on accounting and tax related tasks. Now for the price of less than an extra-large pizza per month, Financio could help you too in unravelling the tedious tasks that involve numbers.

Jye shares with us his story about how Financio works to help bring about a more approachable world of numbers. Numbers do certainly terrify some entrepreneurs but as businessmen there is certainly no escaping it.

How did you go about unravelling the need for an innovative solution as such? Numbers do terrify most of the entrepreneurs out there, including myself. Today, Financio is powering more than small businesses across Southeast Asia.

If we are a saving each business owner a conservative 8 hours a month from managing their accounts and numbers, we are saving a handsome amount ofhours from these busy entrepreneurs a year.

With over 3, happy users so far, what is the most common feedback you receive from customers about how Financio has helped their business? With the subscription fee as low as RM I am happy, not just to mention Financio users.

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Tell us how did you came to the decision that Microsoft Azure was the best platform for your business. I did have a number of issues about IE6 and perhaps Microsoft, people from my circle will certainly know my stand against Microsoft. An honest note from me on this one: Microsoft Azure solutions worked for us, it fits our business objectives, it supports the technologies that we are using well.

If you are like me the 10 years back self and have problem associating Microsoft with open source technologies, have a look at Microsoft again and you could be surprised. If you were about to write a book on entrepreneurship, what would be the top 3 points you would give your readers? The moment that you think you are more superior or smarter than anyone is the moment when you stopped learning.

I still learn a thing or two from my wife who has zero experience in running a business. This sounds easy but is extremely hard to many especially when you are moving up the ladder. If you think you are smart, tell yourself you are not.

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You are more likely to make it if you are trying to solve one single problem at a time rather than trying to solve 10 problems at once. Think big, start small: Start with something small and move towards your grant plan step by step.

Bonus Point Never give up: No one can beat a person who never gives up.

business plan for technopreneur in malaysia today

What aspects of finance do you think every entrepreneur should learn about? Have a close look at your cashflow trend and forecast, business decisions should only be made with a clear understanding of your cashflow in view. What are the top tips you can provide entrepreneurs on managing their finances?

Get someone who know what they are doing to do it for you, if you have the budget. Never ever try to do it yourself without using proper software solutions, you will lose focus on these tedious tasks that are not taking your business anywhere.

Share with us your future plans for Financio? What has been the most inspirational moment of your journey as an entrepreneur?Business Plan UniKL Template - Jan #1 Technopreneurs and the Technology Evolution - Nicochelle Technopreneur Development E-Business Borderless Marketing Centre Documents Similar To Chapter 1 - Intro Technopreneurship.

Development of Technopreneurship in Malaysia.

business plan for technopreneur in malaysia today

Uploaded by.5/5(32). Floor Plan. Apply as Exhibitors. Terbit Financial Technology provides a state-of-the-art business-to-business web and mobile platform that connects all buyers, suppliers, 3rd party logistic parties and financial institutions in the value chain.

Shamir Rahim is a technopreneur with a passion for internet and biomedical technologies. the capabilities and resources to support its business plan a sizeable addressable demand for the product to support its business plan strong management team with established track records and low.

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The regional program covered themes such as the: (1) anatomy of a Technopreneur & what does it take to become one; (2) The role of TVET in lifelong career growth & development in Technopreneurship and (3): the importance of TVET hosting as an incubation center.

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