Censoring video games

President, TechFreedom State Lawmakers Again Trying to Justify Video Game Censorship Any law that imposes special restrictions on video games, like minimum age to purchase or subjective labeling, will require a lot more proof than the Massachusetts study could provide. Last week, TechFreedom joined the National Coalition Against Censorship and four other groups to file comments expressing concerns about legislation proposed in Massachusetts. The bill, which would commission a study on video games as causes of real-world violence, sounds harmless at first.

Censoring video games

A copy was smuggled into the country and then published locally in to bypass the federal importation ban.

Censoring video games

Several attempts to prosecute Penguin and any bookseller carrying the book failed. It is a federal body with the power to classify and to refuse classification all films and, fromvideo games.

Australian Classification Board As of [update]censorship is largely the purview of the Classification Boarda statutory body which operates independently of the Federal Government. Failure to obtain classification is an implicit ban except for exempt films and games, and publications whose content is not sufficient to warrant restriction to adults and the Classification Board occasionally refuses to give classification.

All feature films, videos, computer games, and magazines that contain sexual content for commercial release are required to be submitted to this body, made up of "community representatives" appointed by the government for three- or four-year terms.

Some films those made for educational or training purposes, for instance are exempt from classification under certain conditions.

Film festivals and institutions such as Australian Centre for the Moving Image ACMI must apply to the Classification Board to have the films on their proposed program made exempt from classification for the purpose of screening at a particular film festival or event.

Film festivals may be required to age-restrict entrance to a festival or screening. In addition to the Classification Board, the Australian Communications and Media Authority is also active in making recommendations and setting guidelines for media censorship.

Confusion has recently[ when?

Recent work on video games

The Classification Board is not responsible for classifying television shows. Television is regulated by the ACMA, and the content of free-to-air commercial television is industry-regulated under the Australian Commercial Television Code of Practice.

However, the Classification Board does administer the classification of TV programmes for private sale e. DVD and videousing the same rating classes and advisory graphics as for feature films.

Film and video game classification refusal[ edit ] This section needs expansion with: You can help by adding to it. September Films, computer games, and publications are classified RC if they contain material that is considered offensive to the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that it should not be classified.

It is, however, legal to possess RC films and games - for people over 18 except in Western Australia and certain parts of the Northern Territoryunless they contain illegal content e.

The content is very high in impact. Content which may be Refused Classification include: Detailed instruction or promotion in matters of crime or violence. The promotion or provision of instruction in paedophile activity.

Descriptions or depictions of child sexual abuse or any other exploitative or offensive descriptions or depictions involving a person who is, or appears to be, a child under 18 years.

Gratuitous, exploitative or offensive depictions of: Depictions of practices such as bestiality, necrophilia or other practices that are revolting or abhorrent.

The Refused Classification branding is generally regarded as a form of censorship by government. Other censorship areas[ edit ] Further information: It is uncommon for these ratings to appear on books, even those dealing with adult themes, except in the most controversial cases.China and the censoring of video games Anonymous 11/23/18 (Fri) e2 No.

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So as you fags probably know a few AAA games have recently been censored globally for release as a result of trying to appeal to the Chinese market and we're probably not far away from the situation in the film industry of games going further and actively. For video troubleshooting and help click here.

Fr. Ezra Sullivan from Rome Like television, many people make arguments in favor of video games that have little to do with the real purpose of the game.

Forbidden Words: Taboo and the Censoring of Language [Keith Allan, Kate Burridge] on monstermanfilm.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Many words and expressions are viewed as 'taboo', such as those used to describe sex, our bodies and their functions.

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Twitter has blocked certain terms in its search engine, reports claim. Words like ‘nsfw’ and 'sex’ have been censored from the 'Latest' tab - but users can search racial slurs.

Google rejects Christian publisher over ‘faith we express’