Children in room e4 book review

He goes to an all black and Hispanic elementary school near his apartment in downtown Hartford, Conn. To discuss how problematic segregated schools are in Connecticut is to show how much of a problem segregation is all across the country. The school had the highest test scores in the city at the time. Eaton used Jeremy to show that even the most interested and intelligent student with the best teacher in the highest performing school still can not get an equal education when the system is segregated by race and class.

Children in room e4 book review

It held special interest to me since it's about Connecticut, and it's quite relevant to some work I'm doing in law school right now. That said, my own biases interfered somewhat with my overall enjoyment of the book. Eaton's a good enough reporter that the story she tells is complex despite her attempts to tell a simple anti-testing morality tale, but her instinct is very much to criticize standardized testing.

In fairness to her This book read smoothly, and Eaton's a strong writer and reporter. In fairness to her, she writes from anecdote and not generalization, and the anecdote is indeed troubling -- it sounds like the school she visited adopted many of the worst strategies for dealing with a standardized test regime kill and drill all the time, discouragement of creative thinking, etc.

When she rhapsodizes about a suburban school near the one in Hartford she is writing about, though, I couldn't help wondering -- what are the test scores like at that school?

My strong hunch is that they're pretty darn good. So why doesn't Eaton realize that excellent teaching like the instruction described at the suburban school leads to learning without eliminating test score gains?

The issue isn't the existence of tests, it's the way people respond to them. After all, there's more than one way to eat a Reese's cup, and we should be arguing about the best way to eat it and not whether to eat it at all mmm All in all, though, a good book and a valuable attempt to connect the legal side of a desegregation case which is described excellently, by the way with the practical impact the law has on kinds.

The 4th grade children that the author follows in inner-city Hartford, CT are so expressive and curious, and acutely aware of their surroundings and lack of opportunitythat it leaves you feeling so sad that most can't find a way into a better school environment, despite the attempts of their parents, teachers, and even the author.

This book is hone This book offers a well-written, eye-opening look at the problems of concentrated poverty and racial segregation in America's cities and schools. This book is honest about the complexities involved in trying to desegregate public schools in urban America, but the conclusion that something needs to be done is self-evident.

Each year, the divide between white and minority; wealthy and poor, only grows wider, and children bear the burden of this gap.

It is a good read. It was very interesting. I learned a lot. The pages about the court case dragged on for me because I lack an interest in law and court cases.

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I even was placed in that school that I read about, which made it more personal. The classroom I was placed it was labeled E4, I do not know if it was the same room in the book they could have rearranged I like what the book was saying, that we should end racial segregation in s I had to read this book for a college class I was taking.

The classroom I was placed it was labeled E4, I do not know if it was the same room in the book they could have rearranged I like what the book was saying, that we should end racial segregation in schools.

This is a national issue and goes beyond the border of CT. Although I enjoyed reading this, parts of the book seemed bias, and pointed to the idea that all suburban schools in CT were privileged.

Children in room e4 book review

Certain areas in the state have a huge divide between the extremely wealthy and the economically depressed classes, So schools in suburban areas also struggle with similar issues that inner city school's face.The new MSN Singapore – your customisable collection of the best in news, sport, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, Skype.

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As Jeremy, a top student in his 4th grade class, works through schooling as he is shadowed by Eaton whom interviews his peers, teachers, and family members for a clear understanding on education in impoverished cities/5.

Children in Room E4 Book Review Essay In her skillfully written narrative, Eaton delves into the complex reasons hindering equal access to a quality education for the nation's children, a problem with a long and messy history.

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