Crossing the frontier by alec derwent hope summary

They roar in chorus, not in tune, Their plaintive, savage hunting cry. O, when you hear them, stop your ears And clench your lids and bite your tongue.

Crossing the frontier by alec derwent hope summary

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. This poem is written in an ABBA rhyme scheme, which adds a gentle, easy-going flow to the poem.

I believe that softens the poet's tone dramatically which leads to a much more easily accepted reading of the poem. The poet describes Australia as being a "Nation of trees, drab green an desolate grey" that "Darkens her hills".

We see that he sees Australia as a country that is bleak and almost colorless, as everything seems colorless and dull. This very much resembles the "field uniform of modern wars", where everything is in shade of grey and green. In this case, these lines could also be interpreted as being a country that fades into the background, as the field uniform was meant to allow people to blend into the scenery.

Probably highlighting Australia's tendency to fade into the shadows and not have much attention given to them. The poet likens the country to being like a "Sphinx" where "those endless, outstretched paws Of Sphinx demolished or stone lion worn away.

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Appearance aside, the Sphinx was always seen as creatures of great wisdom, this comparison could be directly related to the author's vision of Australia.

In this case, Australia's reach and realm of intelligence and power have now been "worn away", possibly suggesting that Australia used to be better than it is presently and now that past reputation is now gone.

The poets next lines carry with it a great deal of negative residual images. He believes that Australia is a country that is old. People may call Australia "a young country, but they lie". Australia to him is the "last of lands, the emptiest.

A woman beyond her change of life, a breast Still tender but within the womb is dry. Its superficial image may be one comparable to a woman still fresh and alert, however, inside there is nothing, only emptiness. This again shows another disparaging view of Australia as having only external beauty but no inner one.

Crossing the Frontier Poem by Alec Derwent (A D) Hope

Australia to him is devoid of culture. Which is "without songs, architecture, history" where he "rivers of water drown among inland sands, The river of her immense stupidity.

He sees Australia as being a country that has neither historical background nor culture to speak off. Yet, he believes that it has the capabilities to do so, however, the ideas are drowned among "inland sands".

This can be seen as he blames the detractors for the slow erosion of Australia, where it has become a country that is no longer as intelligent as it was before. This reflects the writer's patriotic view where Australia is the victim here.

Australia is next portrayed as a country that is nothing at all, where there are "monotonous tribes from Cairns to Perth" and the five main cities, compared to "five teeming sores.

In this case, I believe that the author is trying to put forth that these newcomers are like giant leeches that take in all that is good in his country. His direct reference to patriotism comes in the last two stanza's, where he feels that there are "some like [him who] turn gladly home" to withdraw from the "lush jungle of modern thought" to seek the "Arabian desert of the human mind.

In that case, all the above detractions that he mentioned are seen as added benefits of being an Australian. The last two lines of the poem are most memorable; he states "The learned doubt, the chatter of cultured apes Which is called civilization over there.All of Alec Derwent Hope Poems.

Alec Derwent Hope Poetry Collection from Famous Poets and Poems. Australia was a poem by who was born in 21 st july His major subjects are English and Philosophy.

Crossing the frontier by alec derwent hope summary

His collection of poem is ‘Wandering Island’ (). Crossing the Frontier "Unless these migration flows are reduced, halted, or even reversed, Europe risks becoming a truly different place, a fully borderless society, lacking not only national borders but also unifying national cultures, where the unifying European culture is not to permit one.


Crossing the Frontier. Email; Print ; March 31, Kelvin Dell. Analyst, BlackRock Beta Strategies Group. Ben Garland. Director, Index Equity product strategist within BlackRock's Beta Strategies Group. Frontier markets, which include a diverse set of countries from Nigeria to Vietnam, present a compelling, yet challenging, investment .


Jul 13,  · A. D. Hope (Full name: Alec Derwent Hope) Australian poet, essayist, critic, and editor. The following entry presents criticism of Hope's poetry from through Alec Derwent (A D) Hope poems, quotes, articles, biography, and more.

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