Essay on ontario demerit point system

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Essay on ontario demerit point system

As the economy has grown, small businesses have become more prominent and responsible for the growth in the economy. In this environment, unions have come to control a much smaller portion of the overall work force.

Unions are not without their advantages for a small business workplace, however. Flexibility One advantage that a small business has over its larger competitors is increased flexibility.

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A small business can chose to change course and alter the way it does its work in a way that is not available for a larger organization. One of the disadvantages of having a unionized workplace is that it will reduce a business's flexibility.

Essay on ontario demerit point system

In order to meet union contracts, a small business often has to restrict its actions and avoid changes. Partnership One benefit of a union that larger companies have been able to take advantage of is the way that a union can become a partner of a business.

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Unions have a natural reason to want a business to succeed so that their members can continue to work and receive higher wages. If a small business is able to establish a partnership relationship with a union, it is likely to increase its retention levels and motivation. Costs It is the job of a workers union to push for higher wages and better benefits.

This can obviously be costly for any business. Larger businesses are better able to meet such demands. Many small businesses wait years before they even begin to turn a profit.

Essay on ontario demerit point system

Any large change to the budget demands of a small business could be a threat to its existence. Unions might be unaffordable for many small businesses. Teamwork Membership in a union can give members of a work force a common bond that will extend further than if they simply worked together.

A small business that is seeking to establish strong loyalty and teamwork in its workplace might find a union advantageous for this reason. Unions are often effective at creating a shared sense of identity in their memberships.

If the partnership with a business is strong, this can increase loyalty and motivation.There was also a demerit point system in place, and for each folly – messy hair, chewing gum, not following orders – demerit points would be taken away, with each demerit point being worth $ For others, Hugh Hefner was simply ahead of his time.

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