Local literature about contractualization

ILO web site www. Regional overview In the region, the human right to work and to just, equitable, and satisfactory conditions of work, without discrimination on the basis of sex, is stated in the Additional Protocol to the ACHR arts. In most Latin American countries, women may freely enter in employment contracts and dispose of their wage. Moreover, some laws explicitly allow the husband to interfere with the employment of his wife, although there is a trend throughout the region to repeal these norms for an example from Guatemala, see below, Box 3.

Local literature about contractualization

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Anakpawis Party-list Representative Ariel B. His latest statement that he again considered issuing an Executive Order is just another trick. The May 1 Labor Unity March which will be participated by various major labor organizations is the first in recent decades.

And this was made possible because workers are through with decades of being treated badly by globalization, liberalization, by their capitalist bosses and by Philippine governments that act as puppets of big business. It is the translation of their frustration and outrage at yet another empty promise of the Duterte government to end contractualization.

Local literature about contractualization

Workers were duped by Duterte who promised during the last election campaign to end contractualization when he becomes president. He took the workers for a ride. Before Duterte said of reconsidering issuing an EO on contractualization, he told workers that he was leaving the issue to Congress.

But the proposed HB or the Security of Tenure bill pending in Congress basically allows outsourcing of certain jobs, which means that contractualization will still remain for capitalist to exploit for their own advantage.

Aside from contractual work scheme, Congress had also fast tracked the 4-day work week, a flexible labor scheme which will violate basic labor rights as it will force workers to work more hours in a day while being paid less.

Casilao said that workers could not depend on the government to heed their call for regular work and decent wage. He reminded those who disparaged militant struggle that what the workers are enjoying now, like the 8-hour work, paid leave, maternity leave, right to association and union, were the result of militant and collective assertion by the workers themselves.

Thus the fight for ending contractualization and the P National Minimum Wage is mainly on the parliament of the streets. Their steadfast resolve to fight for what is due to workers should inspire us this Labor Day and in the long fight to end contractualization and just minimum wage.Contractualization, also known as "endo" in the Philippines, is the practice of hiring temporary workers — for a maximum period of five months — to avoid paying for long-term employee benefits.

Based on the work of the EGPA permanent study group on the history of contractualization, Contracts, Performance Measurement and Accountability in the Public Sector draws upon the wide expertise and research interests of academics and practitioners from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden and the monstermanfilm.com: G.


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Local Partnership Programme; Home >Publications>GLU Working Papers. Share knowledge. The PALEA Struggle Against Outsourcing and Contractualization in the Airline Industry in the Philippines. There is a growing literature on global Chinese companies, but this tends to be at a very general level.

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"'We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now' is a vivid rendering of the human impact of free trade policies and neoliberal restructuring across the globe. Annelise Orleck tells the stories of members of the global 'precariat' in the Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh, the US, and elsewhere, and their struggles for a .

public administration (national, regional and local). Such integration implies cooperation of various actors and agencies responsible for specific partial policy functions. Finally, it includes implementation conditions for activation: personnel, professional, managerial and institutional.

Local literature about contractualization
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