My thumb is numb after writing a paper

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My thumb is numb after writing a paper

You sound like you have a nerve that is getting pinched. The chiropractor can look at your hand and determine if you have something major going on and give you hand exercises to help you adjust your grip. Take care DrDebby Sounds like a pinched nerve. So when I do a lot of drawing or writing, those fingers pay the price.

If I stop and do the wrist stretches my physical therapist gave me, I can sometimes "wake" them up and go on. Mary Woodul I have a pinched nerve in the lower back and have that same sensation in my right toe and foot but I also have pain.

I have been wearing a lumbar support and it makes a world of difference. I wish you to get well soon!: The tip of my index finger gets sore and stiff though, not numb usually -- however, I have had fingers go numb on me before.

Especially after a lot of dry-brushing. But do see a doctor before you do permanent damage!

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And let us know the outcome! Andi Rebirth I would see a doc about it, so they can tell you what positon you are holding that makes that nerve act up. You would be surprised at how we sit sometimes.

My doc told me that it is usuallya lumbar problem and not a hand thing. You could learn how to support your spine better.When we hear the awful thud of a child’s head, our breath catches.

A prompt cry after the injury is reassuring. It is normal to feel sleepy after a child hits his head, and is even okay for him to vomit once. In addition to writing scientific papers and procedures, her articles are published on and other websites. Tingling in the fingers is a common symptom.

A tingling sensation, a symptom also known as paresthesia, can result from many different conditions and diseases.

Everything Was About To Change. Forever.

Our son surprised us by being born with Down syndrome syndrome. This is his birth story, the day that will be forever engrained in my mind. Jan 13,  · Why is My Thumb Numb & What is its Treatment? Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI Numb thumb or numbness in the thumb and other fingers is one of the common reasons for consulting a monstermanfilm.comtion: MD,FFARCSI.


my thumb is numb after writing a paper

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