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Implanted with psi-tech technology, Cara Carlinni is on the run from Alphacorp, a megacorporation more powerful than any one planetary government.

She knows her ex-boss can find her any time, mind-to-mind. So far, so good. But her past is about to catch up with her, and her only choice is run or die. Cara and Ben find themselves battling corruption of the highest magnitude.

If they make a mistake an entire colony planet could pay the ultimate price. No one loves a smart-arse. If your characters make the right decision every time they are faced with a dilemma, the whole thing is going to bore the pants off your readers.

Have them be fallible, make the wrong decision and then have to scramble to retrieve the situation.

Zombie Apocalypse Now

Maybe it happens during the course of the story. You can see them running towards Bad-Choice-Land. Let them fall in the kaka and then have to get themselves out again.

northwrite address books

Bad choices have a cost and your characters have to live with the results or die from them. Ditto with science fiction.

If you are writing far future speculative SF which is more about adventure and characterisation than about the extrapolation of scientific ideas, then the science system may not be unlike a magic system in a fantasy book.

Space is big, really big, and if you are going to have a bunch of characters gallivanting about between star-systems then Einstein, the Theory of Relativity and time dilation are not your friends. Faster than light travel, wormholes, jump gates and folded space are going to be your stock-in-trade.

So figure out how your universe works and make a bunch of notes so you can retain internal consistency. I was aiming for aroundwords. My characters took over. They had more problems than I ever expected. It grew and grew. And then it grew some more. At one point it expanded towords, way too long for most publishers to take a chance on, especially for a first-time novelist.

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So I cut it back towords and emailed my then agent who said in no uncertain terms to cut it again. Over the course of one very intense long weekend I did a surgical strike on the manuscript. Luckily without getting rid of the original version. Of course, some of them needed reworking, but a lot of what Sheila asked for was already there in one form or another.

The end result came in atwords. Five hundred and thirty two pages.The books we read (versus the books we expect to read) Are you about to peak — or are you past your writing prime?

Housewife with a Half-Life — Author interview with A.

northwrite address books

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The smart grid vision is to build an intelligent power network with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and controllability over its services and infrastructure. It was a New Zealand Book Month event run by The Wellington Children’s Book Association and featured the wonderful collector of pop-up books (amongst other .

Micro Madness 22 stories for 22 days of June 1st place Spring – Sarah Scott Wellington, New Zealand Today I am wearing your cardigan, spun from the live wires of spring lambs, the colour of hokey pokey ice cream left on the bench. You had set it out for me when I had a full.

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