Touch and write app for ipad

Noteshelf syncs with the major cloud services. Evernote Dropbox Google Drive Feel the joy of writing. Let your thoughts flow as you write through the most fluid digital note-taking app. Nothing has felt so natural ever but Noteshelf.

Touch and write app for ipad

The amazing array of handwritten marks, numbers and codes in different coloured pens were almost like a work of art.

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Unfortunately for me two of my greatest weaknesses are record keeping on paper, and filing paper. As a result I started my quest for a digital solution. I even bought my ancient PDA out of retirement for a term.

In desperation I started looking into writing my own app.

Touch and Write app for ios – Review & Download .IPA file

Luckily for me, this is when I stumbled across iDoceo. It can do pretty much everything touch and write app for ipad make the tea at break time. This provides you with a way to back up your mark book, and also allows you to attach links of files you might use in your lessons to the calendar part of the app.

For example, if I have my lesson objective slide sitting in Google Drive, I can link it through to that particular lesson in the iDoceo planner.

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For a start, you can import your class as an Excel file. This was a simple process. Once the class are in you can import a photo of the class and iDoceo will use facial recognition to pick out the faces which you can then assign to each student by drag and drop.

This is so much easier than having to import individual photos of each student 20 plus times. Seating plan with bulk imported photos Once your class has been imported you can then use the seating plan part of the mark book to assign seats to students.

They can see their face and name and they know exactly where to sit.

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If you need to change anything, you can drag and drop students to different seats. This is a huge help, especially at the start of the year when you are trying to learn a couple of hundred new names.

One of the other features of the seating plan is the random name picker. You can press a button and iDoceo will cycle through the students on the seating plan roulette style and pick one at random. This is certainly a good way to get them concentrating in a Q and A session.

The actual mark book itself is extremely elegant to operate which is a massive help in the middle of a busy lesson. You can set up pretty much any parameters for your marks, from icons, phrases, numbers, colours or a combination of both.

I have mine set to automatic colour codes depending on what numerical grade I give them for the lesson. This creates a quick way to see if your students have understood what you taught them in the lesson.

As well as being able to set pretty much any mark parameters, iDoceo has a very handy annotations feature. No more am I faffing about with loads of sheets of paper!

Entering marking criteria iDoceo seems to be one of those rare apps that has been designed by a teacher. I purchased iDoceo with my own hard earned cash. I'm on a daily mission to use, and learn to use technology in the most creative, innovative and transformational ways.

The iPad ticks all of these boxes. My geekery also extends to a passion for cricket, amateur astronomy, video gaming and bad guitar playing. You can contact me on Twitter with the link below.Shapes Touch and Write App-fun, new iPad app for writing and learning shapes with creative "utensils" instead of a pencil!

From OT's with Apps. Resources Childress Childress & Porter Inc. Find this Pin and more on Touch and Write Ipad Apps! by FizzBrain. Shapes Touch and Write, kids learn shapes drawing with 16 different textures and 28 writing papers.

Swift Playgrounds is a new app for iPad that teaches you to write Swift code in a fun, interactive way. Learn the code developers use to build apps. "My son loves Touch and Write - Fantastic app and the customising options are great!" - from parent review "Love, love, love your app Touch and Write:)" - from parent review "Touch and Write has moved to the top of my list for learning to write.

Cheese Cat image by Javier via Flickr. Update October: As you can see from the comments this solution does work for most users with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

touch and write app for ipad

Shapes Touch and Write gone free today! For more information on the app see Shapes Touch and Write for iPad post dated October 25, Carol. OT's with Apps & Technology. 2 Responses to Shapes Touch and Write for iPad – Gone Free! ipad says: November 9, at am. The Files app brings all of your files together in iOS 11 or later.

You can easily browse, search, and organize all your files in one place. Not just the ones on the device you're using, but also those in apps, on your other iOS devices, in .

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