Volleyball video analysis

By Dominique Mosbergen 8.

Volleyball video analysis

The calling card of all outstanding teams is an outstanding defense. Definitions of Defense Team defense is what a group of players does to keep the opponents Volleyball video analysis scoring or siding out.

Defense is a reaction to offense. As a defender, you want to have the mentality that nothing will hit the floor at any time. Your pursuit of the ball should be relentless. When a ball is in play, always follow it with your eyes.

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You are responsible for a defensive area, not just one precise spot on the court. Use the sideline and endline as your guide. Do not fall to the floor if it is Volleyball video analysis necessary. You should never touch the floor before your arms make contact with the ball.

Lunge, sprawl, roll or dive as a last resort. Be aggressive but under control. There are nine hundred square feet of court on your side of the net to defend.

You cannot cover every inch of it.

Volleyball video analysis

Therefore, there are two important questions that you should ask yourself. As you answer these two questions, you will determine what zone s of the net or area s of the court you are willing to give up versus what zone s of the net, area s of the court you will protect and defend.

How good is your block? What are the strengths of your opponent? From where zone of the net or back row position do they most often attack the ball?

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What area on your court do they hit the ball to? After you answer these questions, design your defense with the following points in mind in rank order: Every attacker has a tendency. Most players hit the ball cross-court angle as a preference.

In addition, using correct biomechanics, everyone hits the ball between their right and left shoulders. Your six players on defense must respond as a unit, even though there is a separate coordination required among the first line of defense — the blockers and the second line of defense — the back row diggers.

The block is the foundation of your defensive alignment formation. Back row adjustments will be made based on the following blocking actions and principles: Attack Stuff versus area blocking Numbers of players blocking — one, two or three Positioning of your blocker s — Angle cross courtline or straight on blocking the ball blocking Determine what blocking system you will be using.

If you are area or zone blocking, you must emphasizes the following concept to your players: Let the opponent hit the ball anywhere they want — over and around our block, but they will not attack the ball through our block.

Are you attack blocking? Thus, you have designed your defensive scheme to have your blockers aggressively go after each attack in order to intercept it before it breaks the plane of the net.

Do you teach One-on-one blocking or a two or three person blocking scheme? Once you determine your blocking system syou must then teach the on court defense starting positions and sequencing. Your back-court positioning and movement sequences will have to be coordinated with your blocking system.

Here are some concepts, definitions and illustrations that are important to establish and teach before you work on the back-court movement and sequencing: Behind the block, inside the block, outside the block. In all defensive schemes, you must identify the following: Have you covered the court area to which the attacker most often hits the ball main tendency.

Final Preparation and Design your defense — preparation starts with the coach and carries over to the players. Obviously, you must scout your opponent live or on video and chart their tendencies, play patterns, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

This will determine what area of your net or court you need to defend.By: Terry Liskevych In all my years of coaching, I always felt that defense – individual player and “team” is the tactical area that will determine what team will ultimately win.

In all my years of coaching, I always felt that defense – individual player and “team” is the tactical area that will determine what team will ultimately win.

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