What i expect from my college experience

How to make the most of your learning experience from your teacher While online professors differ just as students do, you should expect to find your professor knowledgeable about the materials for the course and subject area.

What i expect from my college experience

Your college preparation probably only focuses on finding a roommate, picking a meal plan, bringing dorm supplies, and packing clothes. However, the more you know what to expect, the easier it is to make good decisions. The following list of 15 expectations will help prepare you for freshman year.

No longer are you stuck to the 8am to 3pm school-hour schedule. College gives you freedom to take only morning classes or afternoon classes. Or you can schedule all five classes on Monday and Wednesday and have five days a week without class.

My preference is to balance your classes Monday through Thursday, and get Fridays off. You get the point. Introduction classes are boring, but required. You can think of them as a waste of time as you struggle to show up and study. Or, you can view this introductory class as a small and necessary step to accomplishing your long-term goals.

In this case, perception is reality. Many rooms leave their doors open, waiting for people to come in and say hi.

What i expect from my college experience

Girls, I asked my sister for help on this one ask if they want to go to the dining hall with you. Your roommate will annoy you at times.

Your roommate might be your best friend from high school or what your roommate matchmaker tool says is the perfect fit, but they will annoy you. Common roommate problems include one person staying up too late, the other getting up too early, music too loud, a significant other being over too much, wanting the room at different temperatures, preferences for a clean room, taking up too much fridge space, how the furniture is spaced, and the list goes on.

The best way to handle roommate issues is to be patientlet the little things go, and have civil discussions about the bigger concerns in hopes of a compromise. For example, when he hears loud noises during a pregame in your room Friday night at 11pm, he will text you to keep it down and walk back to his room.

For example, when he hears loud noises during a pregame in your room Friday night at 11pm, this time he will ask to come in. Beyond keeping you out of trouble, RAs can also be a great resource for school, internships, or other life advice.

I reached out to my RA for help with my resume, and then he became my unofficial mentor for career questions. When you graduate, you want to work in a field that makes you happy. So, take your time and choose the right major for yourselfnot other people. In addition, you might need an internship during the summer to help you choose a major.

Professors often make or break college classes. Odds are that your college professors will have the biggest effect on your class experiences. And a great teacher can make otherwise boring material into something you enjoy.

Most of this is out of your control. However, you can control one thing: Start by introducing yourself on the first day. Similar to how you treat the RA, if your professor sees your effort to learn and better yourself, you could gain the benefit of the doubt on graded assignments.

Many freshman will joke about gaining the freshman 15 in the beginning of the year. If you want to avoid this extra weight, make a routine to go to the gym a certain number of days each week.

Plus, eat nutritious foods and remind yourself of your commitment to stay healthy. I also wrote a previous post about the freshman When you get homesick, you can overcome it.

This is my big and bad dog, Berkeley. Before you get too emotionalacknowledge the feeling of worry as natural. Then replace your worry by thinking about all the new experiences you would miss at school, if you stayed at home. Plus, your family and friends are a simple phone call or a video chat away.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? Coming from a private high school with a strict dress code, having no dress code seemed weird the first couple of weeks.So, they expect the college to provide the kind of experiences which contribute towards that.

Experiences which include teaching qualities life confidence, reliance, resilience etc. In addition, the minimum skills required to be employment-ready are essential- such as good communication skills and skills related to the field they are interested. Your College Experiences Checklist Take on new experiences and implement on a "no regrets" policy to ensure you gain the most from your college experience.

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August 20, You can easily make the most of college life – starting with the life experiences on this checklist. All of the list items will provide you with.

I wasn’t sure what topic to write about for my first post, so I thought I would start from the beginning when you first enter college as a freshmen. Aug 02,  · A letter from my college alumni association recently reminded me that I'm rapidly closing in on 25 years since my college graduation, and I've been a college professor for fifteen years now.

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- My College Experience My decision to change schools from The University of North Texas to come to Penn State, leaving behind friends I had made was a difficult and long process. The months leading to the decision were filled with a lot of stress, and put strain on family and friends alike.

Parent and Family Information. Career Services; Counseling Services; What to expect during college. In college, your student may experience: encouragement toward independence and an increase in freedom at school, .

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